Children’s Home Society

The Children’s Home Society build came with several challenges that with a little custom work we was able to deliver. The client needed e-commerce functionality to sale their products, an events section where tickets could be sold, a donation form, and the ability to run a nightly import on posts.

The donation form, e-commerce, and tickets, were all handled with a handful of plugins and custom WooCommerce template work. There was also a need to add some custom fields and functionality to the WooCommerce shopping cart, this was handled using WooCommerce’s api of actions and filters. A few steps, but no biggy.

The trickiest portion on this site was the posts import functionality. They needed to run a nightly import on a custom post type within WordPress. This import needed to add, remove, and update posts, but the client also needed the ability to make their own changes to the posts and these changes did not need to be affected by the import (unless the post was being deleted). That one was a thinker, the first thing we had to figure out was what format the information was going to be in that needed to be imported, the system that they were using to put out the information saved it as a csv, so that was step one figured out. The next thing we needed to figure out was what information was going to always stay the same from the import, and what needed to be changed, we set up editable, and non editable fields based on that information, once we had all those pieces of the puzzle in place, a cron job was used to import the csv, update the posts in the database, and publish the new information to the site. It was a challenge but in the end a cool piece of functionality was built.

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Tags: Wildfire, WooCommerce