Battleship NC

I’ve been fortunate enough to take many trips to the Wilmington, NC area. Several of those trips I visited the Battleship NC. I even remember as a kid eating several meals back at home on a food tray bought from the Battleship gift shop. Its also pretty cool coming into Wilmington from 421 and seeing the ship rising above the landscape. Aside from it being a great museum to visit while on vacation it also has an interest for me because my grandfather served in the Navy in the 60s, an era when many ships in the fleet were built around the same time as the North Carolina Battleship.

When the design came across my desk for the Battleship NC website I was extremely excited to get to build the site for them. As you check out this site, look at the information it gives on the ship and her amazing history and war stories, and if you get the chance to visit Wilmington make sure to go by and check out this unique piece of our countries history.

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