WordPress and Database Queries

WordPress has been set up in such a way there aren’t really many times when you need to really dive into the database. Sometimes you may be building a custom plugin where it does make more sense to use a custom structure in the database but those circumstances can be rare. Where a query can... Read more »

GitHub Pages

On today’s post I want to take just a quick break from the normal WordPress discussions and write about GitHub Pages. I’ve known about GitHub pages for some time but never actually used it. The reason I’ve really not had a use for it has been because of my use of WordPress. A site hosted... Read more »

The Classic Editor Plugin Will Be Around For Awhile

Matt Mullenweg said in a comment on WP Tavern recently that the Classic Editor Plugin will be support for years to come. This comes as a relief to many, but it kind of brings up a couple new questions, and a slight assumption. Assumption The folks developing Gutenberg are putting aside pride and realizing that... Read more »

Time to leave WordPress?

When the announcement of Gutenberg came out months ago in the development community, I met with some of the people I worked with and said it was something we needed to start looking at and planning for. In those discussions the question did come up what if Gutenberg fails? What if it completely breaks the... Read more »

A new, modern publishing experience is coming soon.

Today, with the release of 4.9.8 the much anticipated “try gutenberg” dashboard announcement made it into core. As seen from the above screenshot, WordPress prompts you to try “A new, modern publishing experience is coming soon”. Personally I believe that this is a great step in helping to ensure the success of Gutenberg and to... Read more »

WordPress and Twig

A few years ago there was an article on CSS Tricks introducing developers to a library called Timber. Timber allows developers to write WordPress themes using Twig. Twig is a php templating engine that has become very popular in php communities. The popularity of Twig even led Drupal to incorporate it in version 8. Because... Read more »

Another Gutenberg Transition Tool

It wasn’t long after WordPress released the initial Gutenberg plugin that somebody released a plugin called Glutenberg. It was a stab at Gutenberg and promised to remove its functionality. After a few month time Automattic released the Classic Editor plugin that will allow you to turn off Gutenberg for your entire site. Overall you do... Read more »

Online Learning

I’m a huge fan of online learning. If it hadn’t been for online learning, I would not be in the web industry in the first place. Let me give you a little backstory. My original degree was in building race cars for the NASCAR industry, I graduated though in the middle of the recession in... Read more »

Adding Custom Fields

WordPress is about to turn 15 years old. What started out as a simple blogging platform has turned into a full blown CMS. No CMS would be complete without custom fields for specific data. As a quick example you may want to have a grouping of data about books. Every book has a title, an... Read more »