Should I Use a Template For My Website?

It’s not been that long ago that you would see web developers say that they did not use a template for building sites. That was a big deal because who wants their website to look exactly like everyone else? Having a unique, custom built site is always something that should be considered but they usually... Read more »

Working Remotely

Many employers have for several years now allowed their employees on occasion, or on a regular bases work remotely. For the first several years of my career it was an option to occasionally work remote. For the last two years I’ve worked completely remote. With COVID-19 forcing many to work remote at the moment I... Read more »

Cost of a Website – Hosting

Plain and simple if you’re going to have a website you need a host. The cost of website hosting can range widely depending on several factors like the type of website, backups, speed, security, number of visitors, code language, and other factors are all things that are considered when choosing a host. Because I primarily... Read more »

Cost of a Website – Domain Name

In this part of the Cost of a Website series I’m going to take a deeper look at your domain name. The truth is technically you don’t have to have a domain name, but after reading this you’ll hopefully understand why you need one. Metaphor Time First lets talk about your hosting just a bit.... Read more »

Lotto Picker

Every now and then people will go crazy over the lottery. The jackpot will get to some astronomical number and people start throwing dollars into the pot in hopes of winning millions. Codepen is an awesome tool for developers like myself to play around with code, test concepts, or just build something fun. I used... Read more »

Cost of a Website

When asked to quote a website, if unprepared there can be a bit of sticker shock. That is why when some asks for a quote, my first question is always do you have a budget in mind? If I had to make an analogy for site cost I would say it’s like going shopping for... Read more »

What Plugins Do I Need On My Site?

If you own and run a WordPress site one question you may find yourself asking is what plugins do I need on my site? Currently there are over 55,000 plugins on the WordPress repository. Aside from plugins you can find on the repo, there are more that you can purchase from other sites or find... Read more »

Custom Fields and Post Types Future with Gutenberg

One of the biggest pieces of controversy in the early stages of Gutenberg development was around how custom meta fields would work. Many developers installed the development version of the Gutenberg plugin only to find that their custom fields were not showing up. This is something that sparked ticket’s and conversations on GitHub. Some developers... Read more »

Static Sites vs a CMS

If you look around the web industry you will run into the terms static sites and CMS. What are they, and when should you use one over the other? What is a website? To give a clear answer on static sites vs a cms you have to know what a website actually is. A website... Read more »