Lotto Picker

Every now and then people will go crazy over the lottery. The jackpot will get to some astronomical number and people start throwing dollars into the pot in hopes of winning millions. Codepen is an awesome tool for developers like myself to play around with code, test concepts, or just build something fun. I used... Read more »

Cost of a Website

When asked to quote a website, if unprepared there can be a bit of sticker shock. That is why when some asks for a quote, my first question is always do you have a budget in mind? If I had to make an analogy for site cost I would say it’s like going shopping for... Read more »

What Plugins Do I Need On My Site?

If you own and run a WordPress site one question you may find yourself asking is what plugins do I need on my site? Currently there are over 55,000 plugins on the WordPress repository. Aside from plugins you can find on the repo, there are more that you can purchase from other sites or find... Read more »

Custom Fields and Post Types Future with Gutenberg

One of the biggest pieces of controversy in the early stages of Gutenberg development was around how custom meta fields would work. Many developers installed the development version of the Gutenberg plugin only to find that their custom fields were not showing up. This is something that sparked ticket’s and conversations on GitHub. Some developers... Read more »

Static Sites vs a CMS

If you look around the web industry you will run into the terms static sites and CMS. What are they, and when should you use one over the other? What is a website? To give a clear answer on static sites vs a cms you have to know what a website actually is. A website... Read more »

What Do I Need To Start A Website?

Starting something can always seem like a daunting task when you’re looking at a blank screen. Many who need a site will find themselves asking, what do I need to start a website? Getting a website up and running has a pretty straightforward process. You basically need three things, a host, a domain name, and... Read more »

WordPress 5.2 Site Health

With the release of WordPress 5.2 a new tool has been introduced into WordPress, Site Health. The new Site Health tool can be found by going to Tools > Site Health from within the dashboard. After clicking the Site Health link you will then be presented with a new admin page. On first glance you... Read more »

What’s the difference in or

Have you ever googled WordPress and came across both and and got confused? It’s common for new comers to WordPress to get tripped up with this. In this blog I’m going to quickly explain the differences between the two. can be thought of as a central hub for WordPress. You can... Read more »

My website has a new look!

I recently built a new theme for this site. Since launching my own personal site in 2012 this was my fourth version of the site. I’m making a change about once every 1.5-2 years, but why? New Technology I began building websites in 2011 and professionally in 2013. As an intern in 2012 I was... Read more »